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Good Manufacturing Practices

Duration: Eight (8) hours delivered over one (1) day.

Cost: $18,000 per person + GCT

Description: The course Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) forms the basis of any effective Food Safety Management System (FSMS). GMPs are also called Pre-requisite Programmes(PRPs). This session provides information on the management of the basic conditions and activities necessary to ensure the hygienic production, processing and/or handling of safe foods.

Course Objectives:

  • To explain the concept of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) which forms the foundation of any Food Safety Management System.

  • To provide practical guidance as to how these can be applied in a food processing facility

  • To provide general overview of sanitation requirements

Who should attend?

  • Executives and Senior Managers

  • HACCP Coordinators

  • Sanitation Specialists

  • Line Staff

Course Outline:

  • What is a Safe Food, and a Food Safety Management System

  • Types of Hazards    

  • The Food Chain

  • Overview of requirements for the FDA FSMAS Modernization Act

  • Premises

  • Transportation & Storage

  • Activity on Transportation & Storage

  • Equipment

  • Personnel

  • Sanitation & Pest Control

  • Recall

  • A word on labelling

  • Evaluation of GMPs

The training process:

1. Lectures 

2. Questions — Ask the trainer and each other. There is no such thing as a dumb question!

3. Workshops — Participate in the process, apply the lessons taught and practice the skills learned.

N.B. A certificate of participation will be issued within 30 days of training activity.

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