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Our Functions

The BGLC is headed by a Chairman and five (5) other Commissioners, all appointed by the Minister of Finance. The Commission’s day to day functions are conducted through three operational divisions and four (4) support divisions.

Our three (3) operational divisions are:

  • Licensing and Registration Division;
  • Compliance and Regulatory Division;
  • Enforcement Division.

Our four (4) support divisions are:

  • Corporate Division, which houses the Executive Director’s office; the Legal Services Department; Communications and Research Department; and Internal Audit
  • Human Resources and Administration Division
  • Finance and Accounts Division
  • Information, Communications and Technology Division

The directors of these divisions report to the Executive Director.

The Commission is required under the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act (BGLA) to perform the following functions:

  • Regulate and control the operation of betting and gaming and the conduct of lotteries throughout the Island. The Commission presently supervises the conduct of bookmaking operations, the betting activities of the Racing Promoter and the conduct of lotteries by the Lottery Operator;
  • examine problems relating to the operation of betting and gaming and the conduct of lotteries in the island;
  • Inform, advise and make recommendations to the Minister of Finance & Planning on matters pertaining to his functions under the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act (BGLA);
  • Conduct surveys and investigations for the purpose of obtaining information useful to the Commission in the execution of its function;
  • The Commission shall, subject to the Act, have the power to do all such things as are in its opinion necessary to, or conducive to, the proper discharge of its functions.
  • Supervise the operations of all its licensees to ensure that their operations are carried out within the law.